Boundary Waters Northern Lights Photo

2013 BWCA - Little Indian Sioux South, Bootleg Lake

In the Fall of 2013 we went on a wonderful Boundary Waters trip. Myself and two tripping buddies went in at Little Indian Sioux South and spent a week by ourselves on Bootleg Lake before heading back the way we came. We had planned on a vigorous trip covering lots of ground and water, but Bootleg was so ideal this particular trip that we decided to stay, until/unless more people moved into the lake. No one came, so we stayed for 7 nights on Bootleg, enjoying pleasant weather and a multitude of frogs, sunsets, and Aurora Borealis.

Boundary Waters Mushroom Photos -1
Top-down view of a classic BWCA fungus.

Boundary Waters Moss Photos -2
Macro moss. This great stuff is everywhere.

Boundary Waters Moss Photos -2
Looking out over a drop-off.

Boundary Waters Dog Photos -4
One tired pooch.

Dusky stars reflecting over the water.
Dusky stars reflecting over the water.

Boundary Waters Food Photos -7
Preparing for the "Hobo Pie" meal, which consists of these ingredients, cut and divided into aluminum packets, cooked directly in the coals.

Subject A

Subject B

Boundary Waters Frog Photo
This frog was more than willing to pose for some macro shots.

Boundary Waters Frog Photo
Thanks Frog!

Boundary Waters Frog Photo
Top-down view of this BWCA frog!

Boundary Waters Island Photos -13
This island was off our site, and every morning it collected mist from the previous night.

Boundary Waters Canoe Photos -14
My MNII in the morning sunset.

Boundary Waters Sunrise Photos -15
This was a point we could see from our site. I was up at sunrise quite a bit, apparently.

Boundary Waters Dew Photos -16
Some dew in the sunrise, of course.

Boundary Waters Camping Photos -17

Boundary Waters Camping Photos -17
This caterpillar had collected quite a bit of dew on himself over night, he looked great in the morning glow.

Boundary Waters Northern Lights Photo
We saw the northern lights a few times this trip. This was from the night they came in most clear.

Boundary Waters Northern Lights Photo
Aurora Borealis serves as a fine backdrop for experiments with glow-sticks and long exposures.

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